Pureline Living is a studio specializing in interior and furniture solution with contemporary designs, clean lines and simple details.  

Michelle Nathania 

The Designer
Michelle Nathania established
Pureline Living in 2013.

At Pureline, we make modern design accessible.
We are committed to deliver well designed, high quality, customable product at fair price.

Like most of you, we have long to had to choose between over-priced elitist designer items and low quality, cheap common furniture. We knew there had to be a better way so we create Pureline to offer the feeling of luxury in the quality, design and material at a fair price. It is that simple. And it should be that way.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our design style focuses heavily on practicality and function, providing a minimalist effect that suit urban home and apartment. We also partner with talented craftsmen and contractors to bring your room concept into reality.

Cost Efficient

By selling directly to you by order we are able to cut away excess supply chain and overhead to offer shaved price accessible to many. We believe beautiful design should not exclusive, they are meant for many.